How ShopGoOn can help you?

We at ShopGoOn, help you getting an ecommerce solution to sell your products online.

Our solutions are so well formulated that you get benefited more over others.

#1 You get the solution just for one time cost. You need not to pay any monthly/yearly subscription. By thus, you save your money.

#2 You get right to access all technical source code at your host server. It means you are not restricted to what you get now. You can modified them in future with help of any technical person.

#3 Domain and Hosting is important part for a web solution. Owning a domain and hosting at your end, is a better option for you. Rather than getting it from your developer, you should own it at your end directly from domain-host service provider. However we have both options for you, you can get it developed directly on your domain and host or get a domain (extra charge apply) and hosting (free for 1st year) from us and we will install it there accompanied  with a free migration service in future.

#4 You get a free android app with our solution pack. It can be published on google play store via your own developer account. You get apk file with signing key for the purpose. It eliminate future worries whether app need to be upgraded or managing app user reviews. What more, you get push notification features too.


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