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How much does an eCommerce website cost in 2019?

You need to pay for Domain + Hosting + Development for a functional online store.

A domain like may cost you around Rs.800-900 per year. (Source: HostGator)

A linux 10gb hosting may cost you approx. Rs.2000 per year. (Source: HostGator)

Ecommerce development based on open sourced framework can cost you something around Rs15000-20000 one time. (Source: ShopGoOn)

In nutshell, It will cost you development charges Rs.15000-20000 one time and domain & hosting cost approx Rs.3000 per year.

Our package includes basically Development which covers integration of feature pack (standard or multivendor) on selected design code.

However, in order to support you, domain and hosting services (sourced from 3rd party service provider) are also available.
Domain: Extra charge – Rs895/- Check domain availablity
Hosting: You get 1GB linux host free for 1Yr. It is just enough to get your website installed and you can feed it with few products and can do all set ups. It is not enough to run your online business in actual with large traffic and advertisement. So, once you are ready with all, you can migrate to other large server. Free migration from our server to your end server is available.

Important Note: Buying domain and hosting at your end, is a better option. You get direct ownership on it. You just pay to service provider and you get the title. You can buy it from anywhere like, etc.

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