Free Android App – How to get it?

What you get?

As mentioned under our feature list at, you will get a apk file and signing key with push notification feature. It’s one time service from us and free of cost as promised.

Note: All customers who got website developed before 1st Jan, 2019 and is active till date, can get it as per new feature and policy. A handling charge (Rs1000) will be applied. Contact our support team.

Demo: ABC Shop app

APK File: You can published it on google playstore via your playstore developer account (one time sign up fee $25). Once you publish it, it would be visible on play store. One can download and install it on android device. You can put a link of it on your web store too.

Signing key: You may need it for any future release of your app.

Push Notification feature: It enables you to send mass notification/marketing via Google FCM to all app users.


  1. Keep ready a app logo image of size 512×512 px. The image should be final as it is one time free service for you.
  2. Signup/Login at Firebase >> create a project >> Add an android app (hint: if the domain name is, we follow a culture to put app name as com.myshop.myshop) >> Download google-services.json file at second step. No need to go for further steps. Provide this google-services.json to us. If find difficult for you, create a support ticket for a team viewer support for the purpose.
  3. Create a support ticket to request for your free app. Once our person ask, provide them with app logo and google-services.json file.
  4. Signup/Login to Play store developer console >> Publish your apk and/or Just test it on your android device before publishing it to play store. Enable unknown sources under (settings>security) inyour device >> Install apk using package installer >> Test push notification from Firebase panel.
  5. Login to firebase panel>>grow>>cloud messaging to send notification to users. Under Additional options (optional), you can use ‘  url  ‘  as key and any landing url of your website as value.

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