Addon Services

Addon Services

Domain & Hosting Renewal: Renew your domain and 1GB free hosting for the next year.
Price: Rs3000/yr

Hosting Renewal: Renew your 1GB free hosting for the next year.
Price: Rs2000/yr

Migration: If you have opted our 1gb free hosting and now you got some larger host at your end, you may request for a free migration.
Price: NIL/Social Pay

Host Transfer: Request for a host migration from old cPanel to new cPanel
Price: Rs2000

Domain Change: Request for domain name update
Price: Rs2000

Design Change: Request to replace old design by another design code
Price: Rs10000

Android App: Request for android apk generation for customers who joined as before 1st Jan, 2019
Price: Rs1000

Initial setup: Request for an initial setup of your website with approx 100 products, categories/menu, banners, logo, tax etc.
Price: Rs5000

Ask a Feedback: Request a feedback on your website: How good you are while managing it at your end?
Price: NIL/Social Pay

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